Request User Certificate

General Information

By requesting a certificate, you indicate that you accept the Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement and that you agree to the Subscriber Obligations specified in that document.

Follow step 1 to step 3 to finish paper and online request. Then, after we issued your certificates, follow step 4 to step 5 to import your certificates:

Paper Request

Step 1. Download the User Certificate Application Form [PDF][DOC]

Step 1.1 Setup an interview with a local Registration Authority (RA). You need to meet with a MyIFAM CA RA to verify your identity. Locate and contact your nearest RA:



Prepare the following documents for the your interview with the RA
  • * User Certificate application Form
  • * Work/Matric Card ID
  • * Official form of Identification (Passport (non-Malaysian), NRIC (Malaysian))

Step 1.2 Complete and submit your application form. Fill out the application with your RA and fax it to +60-3-89483514 or email to

Online Request

Step 2. Request for certificate online. Before going through Step2, make sure that you have finished Step1 and a CA staff has confirmed with you. Create a Certificate Signing Request(CSR) online. Please submit request on the computer that you want to store your public/private key.

Step 3. Confirm the request. MyIFAM CA will send a confirmation to your email address. Please click the url to confirm your application.

Step 4. Download and Import Certificate. Once your certificate is issued, we'll publish it on the website and send out a email to inform you. You can simply import/download your certificate via the Import Your User Certificate. Please use the same browser to import your user certificate.

Step 5. Export the Certificate. To use your certificate,you need to export it from your browser.You can find the certificate export procedure here.

Step 6. Convert certificate to pem format for Grid usage. To use your certificate for Grid authentication, you need to convert your certificate to PEM format. You could find instructions here.